Learn To Create
Something From Nothing
With JavaScript

Snack Game by Elliot, Age 11
Use W A S D to move

Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, and growing. It was created to power interactive websites, but has since grown beyond the web browser and is used to write applications large and small, on servers and on mobile devices.

Jump Right In

Start learning JavaScript without first needing to know HTML, the DOM, or complex build environments. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of those are!)

Built-in Physics

Bring your creation to life in only a few lines of code with built-in physics and animations.

Publish Your Apps

Publish and share your final creations with friends and family. Published apps are accessible via a web browser on desktop and mobile devices.

Additional Features for Educators

Create and Manage Classrooms

Educators can review their students work and track the overall performance of the classroom.

Lesson Plans

Access our growing library of lesson plans and accompanying teacher guides.

Collaborative Editing

Students can share their app within the classroom and collaborate on code in real-time.

Slow Motion

Demonstrate code line-by-line in slow motion.